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Ausen candle 800x483 - About Us

Who we are?

Ausen Candle is professional OEM&ODM manufacture that specialize in scented&unscented candles, produce variety of series like Jar Candle, Tin Candle, Pillar Candle, Tea Light Candle, Decorative Candle etc..

We do believe that YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. Basing on full sense of coopearating spirit and R&D support, Ausen Candle is with fast development. Capacity reaches 1 million pcs per month in 2018. In past years, we are in close business relationship with clients who are mainly from Europe, North America, Australia. Some of them are famous brands such as WALMART.

Nice smell brings peace to life. Evocative, long-lasting scents help make everywhere feel like home. We’d like to share your passion of fragrance. Warmly welcome contact with us. Let’s work together, win together.

Ausen Candle-Your trusted reliable scented candles supplier.

Competitive price 300x200 - About Us

Competitive price is guaranteed. Our factory is located in Xiamen , a major production base in China.

Raw Material 300x200 - About Us

Good ingredients like first-class soy wax, natural cotton wick, nice fragrance. Good materials make good candles.

On time deliver 300x200 - About Us

On-time delivery is important. Time is money. We respect your time.

Technicians 300x200 - About Us

Technicians are with more than 15 years of experience. This assures strong OEM&ODM support form us.

Automation line 300x200 - About Us

Automation line improves the capacity to 1 million pcs per month, also guarantee the quality consistency.

Services 300x200 - About Us

Good service is realized by professional team. Cooperating with us is easy and happy.

Quality control 300x200 - About Us

Quality control is strictly enforced in IQC, PQC, FQC, OQC. FS, EP, FEP, PP, MP are executed for each order.

Customimzation 300x200 - About Us

Customization is available. Candles are with different fragrances, colours, shape etc. for different applications.

partnership1 300x200 - About Us

Partnership is what we are always chasing. Commitment, respect, trust, empathy. Your success is our our success.

Why us?

  • Professional manufacture focus on scented candle.
  • Full experience of OEM&ODM with clients in different markets.
  • Flexible policy, professional team. Cooperation is easy and happy.
  • Clients are our dearest partners, rather than relationship just as buying and selling.

Where we are?

1. Our factory is located in Xiamen City which is one of most livable cities in China. From March to October, average temperature is about 25 degree centigrade. It is suitable for candle production and assure quality consistency in different batch.
2. Xiamen is a major candle production base in China. Completed supply chain is good for price and lead time.
3. Xiamen owns a major port of China. Good for exporting and shipment.
4. Xiamen is 1 hour away from Guangzhou city and Shanghai city by flight. Welcome visit us.

Welcome visit us in Xiamen 300x200 - About Us