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General’s FAQ

We are proud to be a manufacture that production, quality could be in better control. This is very important. Quality is always the first priority.

We are professional scented&unscented candles manufacture, with full experience of OEM&ODM for more than 10 years. Technicians are with more than 15 year experience. We do believe that YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. Basing on full sense of cooperating spirit and R&D support, Ausen Candle is with fast development. Capacity reaches 1 million pcs per month in 2018. In past years, we are in close business relationship with clients who are mainly from Europe, North America, Australia. Some of them are famous brands such as WALMART.

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We specialize in scented&unscented candles, produce variety of series like Jar Candle, Tin Candle, Pillar Candle, Tea Light Candle, Votive Candle, Floating Candle, Decorative Candle etc..

If it is about candles, just come to us.

We’re with more than 10-year OEM&ODM experience. Candles could be customized by your demand, with different color, fragrance, size, style etc.. Our technicians are with more than 15 years experience which assures R&D support. What’s more, completed supply chain is helpful and supportive.
Meanwhile, we’d also like to recommend and share hot-sales models to you.

Our clients are mainly from Europe, North America, Australia. Some of them are famous brands. According to business agreement, we keep the exact brand names to protect their benefit. We are proud to be WALMART vendor.
Now we are looking for partners in different markets. Let’s work together, grow together, win together.

Grow together, win together. Your success is our our success.
What we are pursuing is long-term win-win partnership driven by commitment, respect, trust, empathy.

Our factory is located in Xiamen City which is one of most livable cities in China. From March to October, average temperature is about 25 degree centigrade. It is suitable for candle production and assure quality consistency in different batch. Xiamen is a major candle production base in China. Completed supply chain is good for price and lead time. What’s more, Xiamen owns a major port of China. Good for exporting and shipment.
Xiamen is 1 hour away from Guangzhou city and Shanghai city by flight. Welcome visit us. Hope you enjoy a happy and fruitful trip when stay in Xiamen.

Welcome visit us in Xiamen 600x400 - FAQ

1. There are hundreds of candles suppliers in China, most of them are trading companies or handcraft companies. Only less than 10% are real manufactures. We are proud to be a professional candles manufacture.
2. As a professional candles manufacture, we focus on R&D. Technicians are with more than 15 year experience. Skill comes from hard work and concentration. Technicians take 20% proportion in total employees. This assures continuous R&D improvement and support from our side.
3. We make investment in factory like buying automation production line, to guarantee the production, achieve better quality control and cost control.
4. Flexible policy, professional team. Cooperation with us is easy and happy. We care about commitment and clients’ reputation. Our strategy is grow together, win together. Rapid growth in past years is driven from clients’ trust and support.

Well, there are all kinds of fish in the sea. There is a famous saying that we never know if it is a dog or cat who talks with you via internet. Plus it takes time to build up trust and relationship. Since you’re viewing this page, it is a good beginning of the story between us. 🙂
Here are some suggestions from us.
1. Better do business with manufacture. Manufactures hire people, owns the workshop and machines. They need to pay for all the cost and maintain the factory operation. They must focus on cost control, quality control, innovation, otherwise they phase out some day sooner or later. A long-lasting factory is more reliable on some level. We’re proud to be a manufacture in last 10 years. We hope it is business for long-life time, rather than a thing of time. Money is important, but trust, faith, friendship are priceless.
2. Place trial order with certain quantity. Risk control. Be careful when take the first try.
3. Be aware of unbelievable cheap price. Find competitive and reasonable price. Industrial information is very clear. We get what we pay for.

For massive orders, bank transfer. Please kindly note that each of us cover the bank transfer cost on each side.
For sample orders, we suggest Paypal which could be more convenient for you.

It depends.
Different candles, MOQ. could be different. This is requirement not only from us, also from our suppliers.
If set up a  fixed MOQ. to all candles, sometimes issues emerge. In order to offer flexible policy as best support, let’s check case by case once there is solid demand.

Sure. For new clients or new customized models, we always encourage sample test before placing official orders. Although it takes some time and money, but still worth. Sample test bring is good for your benefit.
Speaking about sample fee, as you know, in many cases, samples are customized by your demand, then made by technicians. Plus our suppliers charge the cost, so there will be sample fee. Expect your kind understanding and support. For your convenience, sample fee could be paid via Paypal.
As a thank for your support, sample fee will be returned back in official orders. Hope you like it. 🙂

It’s very easy. Please check steps as below.
Step1: Send inquiry
Step2: Check quotation and details
Step3: Sample test
Step4: Release order
Step5: Production and shipment
Tips: For new client and new customized models, we suggest sample test before official orders.

Well, products are mostly customized. So normally there is no stock.
For old clients, we suggest them to share purchasing forecast with us. In such case, we are able to prepare material in advance and save capacity to shorten the lead time.

After order is confirmed, payment and artwork is done, we will share the production time slot, update order status in time. You always have clear idea about how order is going on.

Quality control is strictly enforced in IQC, PQC, FQC, OQC. FS, EP, FEP, PP, MP are executed for each order.
We’d like to offer related reports.
IQC: Incoming Quality Control
PQC: Producing Quality Control
FQC: Final Quality Control)
OQC: Outgoing Quality Control
FS: Feasibility Study
EP: Engineering Production
FEP: Final Engineering Production
PP: Pilot Production
MP: Mass Production

There is ISO certificate, MSDS report, inspection report by 3rd party testing institution like SGS. Certificates will be offered based on your requirement, such as inspection report, packing list, material certificate etc..

Yes. As you know, we do strict quality control in production process. There are different inspection reports. Reports will be offered if any need.

Normally FOB, sometimes EXW.

For bulk goods, normally by sea. For sample orders, we suggest shipment by express like DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS etc..

For sample order, it takes 1-5 days. For trial order, after sample test, payment and artwork is done, it takes about 30-35 days for production. Lead time is also subjected to quantity and packing&printing technique requirement.
For re-orders, we encourage our old clients to share their purchasing forecast to shorten the lead time. In such case, we could prepare material in advance. Sometimes lead time could be shorten to be 20-25 days.

Price and quality are important. Lead time is important too. Please check the points as below. See how we do lead time control.
1. Basing on our good reputation, we are in close relationship with our suppliers. Material could be supplied in time.
2. Factory is in good organization and management. Production arrangment is in good order.
3. If there comes any special case that may affect lead time, such as power cut, hurricane, we will inform you ASAP. You are not going to be the one who knows the bad news at the last minute.
4. Each production process will be updated to you. You always have clear idea about how order is going on.

Certificates will be offered based on your requirement, like inspection report, packing list, material certificate etc..

One year guarantee from shipping date.

Shipment is not the last step of an order. Being your partner, we will still keep close watch on your receiving the goods, goods on sales, market feedback etc.. Only after receiving good market feedback, sales increases, then we reach periodical accomplishment. If any issues, let’s work together and make things better.
Any questions or suggestion, please feel free to contact with us. To get a quick response, welcome chat via Skype ausencadle or WhatsApp +86 150 6066 6286.


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