Clear Green Gel Floating Candles

//Clear Green Gel Floating Candles
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Project Description

3 in. Clear Green Jelly Wax Floating Candles 600x600 - Clear  Green Gel Floating Candles

Clear Green Gel

Floating Candles

Premium, artisan-made 3″ Floating Candles are created using a proprietary wax blend to bring an elegant, warm glow to your home or special event as it floats on water. Add that designer’s touch to your Christmas decor and holiday centerpieces with these Floating Candles.

Just add flowers, glass beads, or colored water for a dynamic decoration that enhances your indoor decor. Floating Candles are unscented and available in multiple colors and sizes. They simply float on water for a dazzling display. They are slow, even burn, smokeless, dripless, economical solution to create a magical holiday centerpiece.

StyleFloating CandlesWaxJelly Wax
Burn Time6 hoursDimension⌀76mmx38mm

Basing on your demand, candles could be customized, with different colours, scents, sizes, appearances,  designs.
Any questions or want to check more details, feel free to contact with us. We are always at your service.

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